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Transparent noise screen

​Transparent noise screen provides transparency and preserves visibility and light penetration

Transparent screens, made of either glass or plastic (acrylic or polycarbonate), are considered to be an attractive solution on those stretches where there is a requirement for either incoming light for the dwellings behind or preserved visibility - either for road users to beautiful areas or for those behind housing. A very third argument for choosing a transparent noise screen is the possibility of working with the architectural style, through the transparent material.

DAV NORDIC supplies many different transparent noise screens that are weather-resistant and can withstand harsh effects from the traffic environment.

Transparent and reflective

A transparent noise screen is made of a solid material with a smooth surface, which means that it falls into the category of reflective screens. You must therefore be aware that if you choose a transparent noise screen, you may have challenges with the noise pattern changing.


A good solution can therefore be to make a combination screen. Including sections with transparent elements in an absorbent noise screen can be a good combination option. It may even be the difference that makes all ends meet in the project. Our transparent noise screens can be combined crosswise with the other noise screens we offer.

​Many of the projects within transparent noise screens are specially designed based on wishes for colour, size and function. To see examples of these, see the bottom of the page. To see our selection of transparent noise screens see below.​

​If you are in doubt about your options, have questions or anything else, you are always welcome to contact one of our experts.Do it through the form below.​

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