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Bike covers and parking​

More and more people are using the bicycle as a means of transport, and we want to contribute to people using the bicycle even more. With easy and functional bike parking, you will be more tempted to take the bike. DAV NORDIC offers various bike parking covers for urban spaces:

  • Bike parking in one or two levels with or without the associated covers
  • One-sided or double sided bike racks
  • Bike racks for the wall

Bikeparking in two levels is the most ideal solution for areas with less space. It can be custumized according to needs and number of bikes. We also offer one-sided og double-sided bikeracks and racks to be mounted on the wall. 

All our bike parking  and racks are made of a strong steel structure according to EN1090-2 and can be surface treated as desired.

The covers can be produced with both thermal roofs or sedum roofs.

​Bike  parking for urban spaces

​Want to know more?

Get an offer for a bike parking or a informal conversation with one of our competent projectmanagers. You are welcome to contact us on 86 82 29 00 or write to us at info@davnordic.dk if you would like to know more about our bicycle parking.