Holscher covers

Solar panel covers from DAV NORDIC are a choice that supports the environmentally friendly development, can be installed in already built parking spaces and protects cars from the weather. We offer an easy and architectural solution that signals your commitment to the green transition and offers customers and employees that extra.


The solar cell covers are available in several versions, both as one-sided, one whole Y and two interconnected Y’s.

To strengthen the roof, a drawbar has been installed, which holds the roof up and allows a lighter steel structure. This also stabilizes the construction in cases with high winds and large snow loads.

Flexible solution with many models

The 3 simple Y models are easy to integrate into a parking environment, which means that you can get exactly the solution that suits your needs, and which makes it easy to expand continuously if the need increases.

Innovative solution for establishment

The solar panel covers are prepared for electric chargers, and are an obvious solution to the increasing demand for charging cars. This solution allows easy use of existing parking space or similar. Through our innovative cabling system, we minimize the need for excavation work as it is integrated into the structure.

Design options

  • The legs of the structure can be sheathed with wooden slats or steel mesh 
  • The backside of the roof structure can be sheated with thermowood panels
  • In addition to lighting in the center console, lights can also be installed in the rest of the structure
  • EV chargers can be integrated in the construction
  • “Reserved for license plate “, “guest parking or “company name” – marking
One-sided Y
Whole Y
Two interconnected Y

Advantages of covers with solars panels

  • Future-proofing in relation to more electric cars
  • Contribution to ESG-targets
  • Accommodate staff and customers
  • Long service life due to galvanized steel
  • Minimized risk of collision
  • Protection from weather conditions 
  • Aesthetic and functional design


You want to know more?

Our committed and skilled advisers are ready to help you with solutions that both take into account good finances, the working environment and high quality.

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Key Account Manager
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