Environmental stations

Customized environmental stations for businesses

Environmental stations from DAV NORDIC are specially designed to meet the unique needs of customers, regardless of whether it is a company, institution or public space.

An environmental station from DAV NORDIC is more than just a waste shed – it is a functional and durable solution designed to fit perfectly into the surroundings.
It is used as screening in companies and public urban spaces, where you want to screen off waste containers. In this way, an environmental station from DAV NORDIC contributes to beautifying the surrounding environment.

Why choose an environmental station from DAV NORDIC?

  • Design and adaptation: We develop, design and deliver our environmental stations from scratch, so that they are uniquely adapted to the individual customer’s needs.
  • Durability and quality: Our environmental stations are strapped in steel according to the EN1090-2 standard. There is also the option of additional treatments such as anti-graffiti and anti-sticker. We guarantee that our sheds will withstand weather conditions and the test of time.

Made in perforated galvanized steel

Environmental station, which is used as a pallet shed at Taulov Dry Port



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