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Bud-Masz Shield Frame

DAV NORDIC is a distributor of BUDANh500 noise shield frame from the manufacturer Bud-Masz. BUDAN h500 noise barriers are typically set up along busy roads, where noise has become a nuisance to the surrounding residents. With a noise barrier along the traffic artery, the noise is significantly attenuated, thereby increasing the quality of life for those who live nearby.

The noise shield frames are made of aluminium surfaces and a core primarily of insulation. Where the screen is desired to be absorbent, the aluminium surface is perforated so that the sound is captured. All visible surfaces are painted in the desired colour to fit the surrounding area.​

Frame types​

BUDAN h500 is a system of several different frame types, each with their own characteristics. The frames have the same external design and dimensions, and can, therefore, be combined to exactly the screen you want.


  • ​The BUDAN h500 standard is the most widely used frame. Absorbent on one side and reflective on the opposite side.
  • ​BUDAN h500 PA is double-sided absorbent and is typically used where there is noise on both sides of the screen.
  • ​The BUDAN h500 RO is reflective on both sides and therefore is a completely closed frame without perforation.
  • ​The BUDAN h500 HARD is a reinforced frame that can handle a slightly higher impact from wind, snow, tare, etc. Can be combined with all the above frame types.


DAV NORDIC is also capable of delivering transparent frames, suspension brackets, trellis, etc. that fits the BUDAN h500 system.​

Advantages of the BUDANh500 noise barrier


  • ​Sound absorption and insulation are in classes A4 and B3, which gives the noise barrier a high acoustic performance.
  • ​The noise barrier is available in several colours.
  • ​Resistant to climate change, corrosion and UV rays.
  • ​Non-combustible materials
  • ​Lightweight modular system