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New 2-in-1 noise screen system

DAV NORDIC is a distributor of the PHONOBLOC® noise screen series. The PHONOBLOC® series is a newly developed 2-in-1 noise screen system, which consists of a concrete traffic barrier located directly on the ground or asphalt without further anchoring. A traditional noise screen consisting of columns and framing is subsequently mounted on top of the traffic barrier at your request.​

The PHONOBLOC® series are typically set up along highways and busy roads, where traffic safety and noise screens go hand in hand to increase safety and reduce noise. In addition, the system excels at less space-consuming compared to the traditional setup; with noise screens and subsequent installation of crash barriers in front of the noise screen.

Simple and efficient assembly

The simple and modular system makes the PHONOBLOC® series flexible to install when assembling the concrete barrier with a noise screen that provides both traffic safety and noise reduction. This also means that there is no need for a traditional foundation where cable problems or other obstacles in the ground can occur. If you need to make the ground more stable, you can settle for a gravel pad. The installation of the flexible PHONOBLOC® noise screen system is performed in 3 simple steps:

​Step 1:
Placement of the base unit (the concrete barrier) with at least 4.5 m assembly width.

Step 2: Insertion of steel columns.

Step 3: Mounting the individual panels with at least 3 m assembly width.

The PHONOBLOC® series has been crash tested according to the European Standard EN 1317. This means that the system has been tested as a unit, which gives the advantage of having tested the overall system and thus increases the safety of passengers in light and heavy vehicles in the event of a collision. In addition, the noise screen system is double-sided and can be placed on the side or in the middle of the road. Along with the noise, the screen also prevents light from oncoming traffic.

PHONOBLOC®-series product range


Benefits of PHONOBLOC® Noise Screen System

  • ​Concrete guard and noise screen in a single modular system.
  • ​Space-saving and efficient solution for traffic safety and noise reduction (maximum sound absorption class A5).
  • ​Works double-sided thanks to the symmetrical design.
  • ​Simple and efficient assembly and disassembly.
  • ​Surface assembly allows permanent and temporary use of the modular system.
  • ​The noise screen can be designed according to the customer's wishes. If the customer wants to measure the working width (VIm) of the crash barrier, it is necessary that the lower noise screen panel is made of woodcrete.
  • Can be adjusted up to 5 m in height with all types of noise screen panels (steel, concrete, transparent, aluminium, wood, etc.).​