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Transparent noise screens from AKSOUND​

​​DAV NORDIC are dealers of transparent noise screens from AKSOUND®. ASSOUND is a system of panels where it is possible to combine transparent elements and aluminum frames as desired. A wide selection of dimensions and colors is available. This means that you can choose a screen that is almost invisible or a screen that is more visible and contributes to the area with a special expression.

​Transparent elements

DAV NORDIC offers a wide selection of transparent elements that can be adapted to the current need. The elements can be supplied with many different properties. It can be, for example, a UV filter, fire protection, tempered glass that provides resistance to splash guards, colouring, graffiti protection, etc.

Many possibilities

The various combination options mean that screens from AKSOUND® are extremely useful and can be used in many situations and at many locations. As a starting point, all the cassettes can be in different sizes and colours, if that is what is desired.

​The fact that the plates protect against both fire, noise and projectiles means that they are very useful on roads and railways, but can also be used in industrial areas, shopping areas and on bridges.

​Below you can see projects where DAV NORDIC has supplied screens from AKSOUND:​

​In Sweden, a screen from AKSOUND® has been set up to protect a trading floor against fire and traffic noise.​

​In Kumla in Sweden, a screen from AKSOUND® is used to protect the inhabitants of the city against noise from the railway. Here, the transparent element is equipped with protection against bird strikes.

​In Copenhagen, a screen from AKSOUND® has been set up at Molestien, to shield against noise from the railway. Protection against bird attack is used here.

​In Ballerup, a screen from AKSOUND® has been set up on a bridge to capture traffic noise from the road under the bridge. Here, the screen is covered with lark slats to allow the screen to create security and take away some of the view.