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Additional noise reduction

DAV NORDIC performs various types of outdoor noise reduction. The largest area is noise screens, and in addition we provide special solutions as needed.

DAV NORDIC transfers its knowledge on noise reduction along roads and railways to other noise-reducing solutions. We guide from early project start to finished project. An example of a completed project is Sjælsø Shooting Range, which is muffled with 41.000 sound baffles, and the result is remarkable. DAV NORDIC was involved in the project development phase and has subsequently been responsible for the project management and assembly of the sound baffles..

We are happy to provide technical advice in connection with noise-reducing solutions and are ready for a talk. Of course, we would also like to offer a non-binding offer on a specific case. Call us on +45 86 82 29 00 or write to us at info@davnordic.dk.