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Two major orders for DAV NORDIC

Two major orders for DAV NORDIC

DAV NORDIC has in close competition with international suppliers, won two major orders for the new highway going around Silkeborg.

The delivery of 83 km crash barrier and the delivery and assembly of 5.200 m custom-design noise screen. Both deliveries are due in 2014-2016.

It is with great pride that CEO Poul B. Kirkegaard comments on the large orders: “We are very proud to have won, not just one, but two of the large contracts on the new highway.

Meanwhile, we will assemble a big part of the supplied crash barriers, and we have already installed most of the bridge guards on most bridges and fauna passages on the stretch. We are happy to have handled most of the safety measurements on the new highway. As a company based in Silkeborg, this is highly satisfying.”.

Breakthrough on the market for noise screens

For a series of years, DAV NORDIC has delivered and assembled noise screens, though this large order for the Silkeborg/Herning highway is an absolute breakthrough on the market.

Barslund A/S, who is the main contractor of the project, chose to collaborate with DAV NORDIC on the delivery and assembly of the noise screens. Head of Project, Jimmy Knudsen from Barslund A/S says about the collaboration: “We are competent in everything that goes on underground, which is why we searched for a partner, who could handle everything over the ground. Since we had already become acquainted with DAV NORDIC and have a good relationship with them, it was the obvious choice to sign a collaboration with them. The project calls for specialised knowledge, flexibility, and precision, and we know that DAV NORDIC can bring it.”

The delivery contains many different types and variants of noise screens, but a large portion is of the model Gudenåen, which The Road Directorate has designed and developed themselves, for this contract..

35 km of crash barriers delivered within 4 weeks

Just 10 days after the signing of the order for an 83 km crash barrier, a 9 km crash barrier was delivered and after 4 weeks up to 35 km was delivered. With this order, DAV NORDIC together with the company's suppliers has had the chance to show their great flexibility and adaptability in spite of a very tight deadline during the start-up stage.