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Once again DAV NORDIC wins the maintenance of the national roads

​The National Road Directorate received 157 single offers from 33 bidding companies on the complete maintenance of the national roads. An additional 91 combined offers were given.

As the main contractor, DAV NORDIC won the maintenance of crash barriers and guard railings, in four out of five districts in Denmark and is very pleased with the process.

“It is a great pleasure, that we can continue the work we have been doing for the state over the past 19 years, and this shows that DAV NORDIC possess the right skills and that we are very competitive,” says Ulrik Toft Marcussen, CEO of DAV NORDIC.

Four districts constitute approximately 3.000 km roads and DAV NORDIC is to handle the maintenance and operation of crash barriers and railings on the roads. “We do most of the maintenance of the road system during the night, to disturb the traffic as little as possible. This has been the procedure for all the years, and we’ll continue with that,” says Ulrik Toft Marcussen.