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Once again DAV NORDIC provides for the Kalundborg Highway

​​The second stage of the Kalundborg Highway, which is the construction of the highway south of Regstrup, will get a noise screen, crash barriers and wildlife fencing from DAV NORDIC. The stretch is 6.5 km long and contains ramps that connect the local area with the highway.

The new section is intended to open for traffic in 2019 and it will then become a four-lane highway. It replaces an expressway, and in some parts, a two-lane highroad. It also extends the original highway to a total length of 13.5 km.

Noise deflective wall installed amongst ongoing traffic

The assembly of the noise screen was done, all while the Skovvejen was with traffic, so control and timing have been essential.

​MJ Eriksson A/S is the main contractor on the second stage of the Kalundborg Highway and Project Director Arno Hjord Petersen says about the project: “From the beginning, we have had a good dialogue with DAV NORDIC, and the project has been professionally managed. We were short-handed at a certain point, and DAV NORDIC increased the workforce, so we could stay on schedule. I am very happy about that.”

Good work environment

An Amphibian Guard has been installed on parts of the stretch under the same principles as the pilot project at the Holstebro Highway. Aluminium has been used instead of hot-dip galvanised steel, which reduces the heavy lifting and secures a better work environment.

DAV NORDIC has delivered

DAV NORDIC has delivered both the first and second stages of the Kalundborg Highway. For the second stage, a 405 m noise screen, 1.200 m crash barrier and a 200 m Amphibian Guard have been delivered.