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New CE marked guard railings from DAV NORDIC

With two new guard rails, H2W1 and H2W3, DAV NORDIC are now the only company in Denmark, to offer a series of guard railings in H2 of three different working widths. This means, that bridges can be equipped with rails that look almost similar but preserve the possibility to combine the different widths and characteristics. This has obvious advantages.

Savings for the customers

With a total of three working widths in the H2 class, DAV NORDIC can now offer 100% purposive guard railings for the projects, and this offers savings for the customers.

“For a long time, it has been a wish of ours to be able to offer a CE marked guard railings solution, with several working widths”, says CEO Ulrik Toft Marcussen and continues: “We have been working on the new solutions for a year and it is with great pleasure to have reached our goal. It opens up new possibilities for both us and the customer.”

Greater and smaller deflection

With the two new solutions H2W1 and H2W3, guard railings can be delivered respectively with a greater or smaller deflection than of the original solution. For instance, H2W1 and H2W3 can be installed on bridges with noise screens, that do not leave much room for a large deflection, and with a working width of 1 m, the H2W3 offers the possibility for a flexible and cheaper solution. 

DAV NORDIC: 90 years and specialist

In 2018, DAV NORDIC turned 90 years old and is a specialist in road safety. Back in 1951, the company had an international breakthrough with the invention of crash barriers, which are now used all over the world today. This created a massive growth and placed DAV NORDIC on the map regarding traffic safety. Today the company is a trade business, with many years of experience, distributing and assembling all the approved security products for the roads.

Watch the movie of the launch of the crash barrier from 1951: