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New bridge guard with built-in extra security

Once again, DAV NORDIC reveals big news regarding bridge guards for the Danish market. The bridge guard “DAV H4B/W2” with built-in extra security is ready for the Danish market and meets all the new EU requirements, is crash tested and will be CE certified.

Along with the newly launched bridge guard DAV H2/W2, the new DAV H4b/W2 bridge guard replaces the formerly highly used S100 bridge guard. DAV H4b/W2 is crash tested using a 900 kg private vehicle and a 38-ton truck and shows really good results, both regarding indulgence value and strength. The bridge guard is suitable for constructions that have a heightened safety requirement. This may be on bridges over railroad elements or bridges, where a breakthrough of the bridge guard at impact, will be particularly critical for the environment, driver or other road users.

Height and strength make an optimal bridge guard

DAV H4b/W2 is 170 mm higher than DAV H2/W2. This means, that safety has been heightened. The extra height ensures, that no “fall-over” happens on impact by big trucks with a high center of gravity. With the strength level H4b, it is a super strong solution. The working width W2 is the same optimal width as with the DAV H2/W2. The post distance of 1.5 m allows the bridge guard to be installed on existing bridge constructions and anchor arrangements for the bridge guard S100, which only needs to be upgraded with anchor points in between the existing ones for that extra post.

Long lifespan

DAV H4b/W2 is constructed in such a way, that no hidden pockets or flat surfaces form, where water or dirt can be stuck. This helps to increase the lifetime of the bridge guard. All mounts are made on vertical surfaces and bolt heads are rounded so that there is a minimal risk that projecting parts can cause damage on impact. The rounded bolt heads also give a simpler and cleaner finish.