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New bridge guard from DAV NORDIC meets EU requirements

New bridge guard from DAV NORDIC meets EU requirements

DAV NORDIC has developed a completely new bridge guard under the name DAV H2/W2, and it is now ready to take over the Danish market.

The bridge guard meets all the new EU requirements, is crash tested and will be CE marked.

The bridge guard replaces the formerly highly used S100 guard. It will be CE certified in accordance with EN1317 and is crash tested by one of Germany’s most prestigious certification institutes, DEKRA Automobil GmbH.

In connection with the introduction of the new EU standards, DAV NORDIC quickly found solutions to meet the standard requirements, but the market is constantly evolving and now requires different solutions, than those needed just a few years ago. This is why DAV NORDIC has developed the new bridge guard DAV H2/W2.

Optimal working width

​CEO Poul B. Kirkegaard from DAV NORDIC explains this about the development process: “It has been an extensive process where we have conducted many internal tests and subsequently adjusted the product. We have been working on this for a long time, but we have had a desire to rethink the construction, to insure it was not just a copy of the known S100 bridge guard, even it migt look like it at first sight. The construction of the DAV H2/W2 is optimized to fit perfectly on the narrow Danish bridge constructions. The working width has been minimized, so that the bridge guard can be classified with the working width W2, and at the same time, the development of a new deformation bracket, ensures that the ASI value can be classified as ASI B without affecting the strength level.

The bridge guard ensures a very controlled course after any collision, and thus there is a lower risk of injury to the driver and passengers or other road users. It is, therefore, greatly satisfying to DAV NORDIC that we can now increase our overall security package with this new improved product.”

Advantages of renovation tasks

​On existing bridges, the DAV H2/W2 bridge guard can be mounted on existing bolt groups used for the old S100 bridge guard, which is a great advantage when renovating old bridges, where the old bridge guards often will be replaced. This means that in most cases the new bridge guard can be used, when replacing the existing S100 bridge guard. The strength of the bridge guard is H2, the working width W2, the ASI value B, and the structure can be used with or without the guard profile on the rejection beams, just as the bridge guard can be mounted with or without fill pins. At the same time, the new bridge guard is characterized by a very simple assembly.


​DAV NORDIC is a supplier of road safety and is national with its head office in Silkeborg. The company is more than 80 years old and has provided a wide range of road safety solutions to the Danish roads throughout the years.