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In 2014, DAV NORDIC delivers approx. 1.800 m railing for four bridges

In 2014, DAV NORDIC delivers approx. 1.800 m railing for four bridges, which will be established in connection with Aarhus Letbane. The railings are provided in two variants, one of which is a specially developed railing, designed by Cowi A/S.

The railing is used partly for securing cyclists and pedestrians and partly for securing the employees in connection with, among other things, track work on emergency platforms. The project requires great precision in both production and assembly due to the high requirements for the tolerances in the construction. At the same time, the coordination between DAV NORDIC and the contractors is very important, as the 400 kg heavy sections of railing must be lifted onto the bridges, by the same construction cranes used for many other purposes at the construction site. In order to ensure optimal operation at the construction site, the cranes must be accessible when the railing is to be mounted approx. 14 days after casting the bridges so that they can also act as safety guard rails in connection with the completion of the bridges.

Large contracts for several contractors - good cooperation

Both JORTON A/S, Per Aarsleff A/S, and Arkil Bro and Beton A/S have contracts in connection with the construction of the bridges. JORTON A/S has two bridges of 75 m length on contract 12, Herredsvej - Randers, and Aarsleff has one bridge of 350 m length on the same contract. Chairman John Bargisen comments on the project: “The first person-railings were installed in week 3, and it went really well. We cooperate well with DAV NORDIC and make it run smoothly on the site. The major challenges lie in having to shut down the traffic, which we will be doing over several nights in week 4. It requires that everything falls into place and runs as planned so that we can finish it within the deadline for the shutdown.”

Aarhus Letbane

A total of 110 km of light railway will be established, of which 12 km will be established through Aarhus and the remaining approx. 100 km is established by adapting the Odder track and the Grenaa track to light rail operations. The light railway gets a total of 48 stops. The first stage of the light railway will be established by the construction company Aarhus Letbane I/S, which is owned by the municipality of Aarhus, the Minister of Transport and the Central Jutland Region and is expected to be operational in 2017.



DAV NORDIC is a supplier of road safety and is nationwide with its head office in Silkeborg. The company is more than 80 years old and has provided a wide range of road safety solutions to the Danish roads throughout all the years.