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DAV NORDIC supplies guard railings for 30 bridges on the Herning - Holstebro highway

Over a period of two years, DAV NORDIC has supplied guard railings of the type DAV H2/W2 for approximately 30 bridges on the new Herning - Holstebro highway. The guard railings are of the newest kind from DAV NORDIC and have been both crash tested, and CE marked according to the current EU norms.

Delivery for “green” bridge

Amongst the ca. 30 bridges, that are included in five different contracts, a delivery has been made for Lindholdtvej - a “green” bridge constructed by MT Højgaard. The bridge is made up of a new concrete mixture that emits less CO2, and that is part of a four-year science and development project, done to reduce the CO2 emission in concrete production. 

​Great flexible collaboration

It takes great flexibility and a good collaboration to assemble guard railings on bridges. The railings are assembled on the large bridges right after the striking of the concrete, though the timing of this can be pushed due to the weather conditions and such. DAV NORDIC has a large assembly team that allows them to offer great flexibility during the collaboration. This reduces the situation of not being able to adapt the assembly to what suits the contractors best.


The supply consists of a total of 4.000 m DAV H2/W2 type guard railings, approx. 300 m. lane railings, and about 230 mounting elements for the assembly of the railings outside of the edge beams on the bridges.