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DAV NORDIC solves the same task after 20 years

DAV NORDIC has replaced the bridge guard on the Fiskebæk bridge near Farum. They did the same 20 years ago and even with one of the same assemblers. The contract offered several special conditions but was resolved without delay.

Great precision in the process

The Fiskebæk bridge is built as a twin bridge that leads the Hillerød highway over Mølleåen and Frederiksborgvej south of Farum. The area is preserved, and this meant that DAV NORDIC had to ensure that no particles and elements from the removal of the existing bridge guard fell into the river. It required extra screening at the same time as it had to be carried out at night for the sake of traffic flow. In addition, the bridge guard is assembled on the concrete edge beam, and this meant that there were 143 different sections that had to fit perfectly. A complicated task that DAV NORDIC performed without any problems.​

NIRA's praises DAV NORDIC for professionalism

Advisor, Lasse Rasmus Hoier from NIRAS, comments on DAV NORDIC's handling of the project: “We are pleased when our partners offer expert knowledge in the individual areas, and DAV NORDIC has done this with this case. They have advised us on various matters along the way, and they have with great skill completed the project at the agreed time and finances. In addition, we have had good collaboration along the way, so we are very satisfied.”

Same DAV NORDIC assembler after 20 years

The bridges were built in 1972 and approx. 20 years ago, the bridge guard was also replaced by DAV NORDIC, and with one of the same assemblers as today. A delivery of 1,230 m of bridge guard has been delivered and installed for the Fiskebæk bridge. The bridge guard is mounted on top of the concrete edge beam, and secures both road users and complies with current requirements for railing height. Railings located on top of the gauge bars between the bridges have also been renovated.