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DAV NORDIC secures cyclists on Vejlevej in Kolding

DAV NORDIC secures cyclists on Vejlevej in Kolding

DAV NORDIC has delivered 108 m double-sided, and 243 m one-sided wooden guard and further 256 m wooden shell for a bicycle path on Vejlevej in Kolding.

It is the first time that DAV NORDIC has put up a double-sided wooden guard. The solution is chosen to safeguard cyclists while preserving the natural expression on the road. The work is part of a major road project on Vejlevej, which has just been completed. A new pavement has been laid and the previously uneven bicycle path along Vejlevej at the Kolding Stadium now appears completely new to the delight of cyclists.

Unusual guard solution

Project Manager Lene Pilt from City and Development Governance explains: “It is unusual for the guard to be covered with wood, but it is fully as secure as the traditional crash barrier (strength class N2-W7-A. Red). The wooden guard has internal steel reinforcements and resists any collisions as well as the traditional crash barrier. It is an approved type, which we have started to set up in several places in the municipality, where we believe they fit into the surroundings.”