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DAV NORDIC renovates conserved railing

With approval from The Danish Agency for Culture, DAV NORDIC has renovated a conserved 600 m long railing by Hvidkilde estate between Svendborg and Faaborg.

The railings beautifully frame the scenic nature surroundings with its red-white look. The railing has presumably been part of the area for 100-200 years and consists of red galvanised pipes on cleaved granite stones. Hvidkilde estate, placed in the area, is first mentioned as a manor early in the year 1374.

DAV NORDIC A/S - former Dansk Autoværn

DAV NORDIC A/S is the former Dansk Autoværn, who made a name change on April 1st, 2019.

On May 1st, 2019 DAV NORDIC acquire the Priess A/S light poles division and merges with its sister company MILEWIDE that very day. DAV NORDIC have now a large new light pole division, and an even larger palette of products.

DAV NORDIC now operates within four business areas - road safety, noise

reduction solutions, steel for construction and light poles. Besides that, the company possess a large assembly division, which holds the

responsibility for 80% of the maintenance of Danish roads.