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DAV NORDIC delivers for the third time a new railway stretch, Ringsted - Copenhagen

DAV NORDIC delivers for the third time a new railway stretch, Ringsted - Copenhagen

DAV NORDIC has had up to 14 workers on the TP4-Urban Tunnels stretch, which is a part of the new railway between Ringsted and Copenhagen. After almost three years the collaboration has reached an exceptional level.

Good collaboration strengthens the project

​It is DAV NORDIC’s third delivery for the Ringsted-Copenhagen stretch, that reaches a total length of 60 km. The collaboration between the many suppliers works well, the communication is good, and it is a common goal to construct one of Denmark’s largest railway projects. TP4 will be delivered on May 1st and the completed route should stand done in 2018.

TP4 - the most intricate route

​The stretch, TP4-Urban Tunnels, is four km long and goes from Frugtmarkedet in Copenhagen to Bakkeskoven in Brøndby. About two km covers two tunnels and the remaining two km covers throughs under the terrain. It is the most complicated stretch out of the total 60 km and DAV NORDIC delivers as a subcontractor to Aarsleff A/S.

Jan Boyer Olsen, who is Project Director at Aarsleff, says about the collaboration: “The collaboration with DAV NORDIC is really good, both with the Project Director and the rest of the team on the project. The chairman is managing the project smoothly, which makes the process nice and uncomplicated, despite the big challenges. Especially the tunnel that is located above a residential neighbourhood on one side and the highway on the other side has needed good cooperative skills and flexibility.”

Custom constructions developed by DAV

​DAV NORDIC has delivered significantly for tunnel, throughs, cutting- and longitudinal roads.

There have been delivered 2.6 km of screen walls and 1.5 km of noise screens, which in some places have measured up to 3 m in height, and with such an intricate solution, so that the screen walls and noise screens could be assembled as one unit. This was a demand and was solved because of many years of experience.

A total of 6 km of self-produced handrails have been supplied with a flexible, bracket designed for the task, which can be mounted on both the spun wall, concrete wall and on the secant pile wall.