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DAV NORDIC delivers custom-made traffic islands for Silkeborg Municipality

DAV NORDIC have developed custom made traffic islands for Silkeborg Municipality under the name “Silkeborg Modulet”. Silkeborg Municipality has many narrow roads stretches and was in need of a traffic island with the width 1.6 m instead of the usual 2 m. DAV NORDIC has developed this and they have already been placed in several places in the municipality.


Short assembly time and higher traffic safety

Civil engineer Gitte Merstrand from Silkeborg Municipality, Road & Traffic, says this about the traffic islands from DAV NORDIC: “We have really good experiences with traffic islands from DAV. On one hand, they are an economically advantageous solution to us, and on the other hand, they are quick to establish and easy to move, if the traffic users change habits. Though the one great advantage is the high level of traffic safety achieved. We can establish a traffic island within an hour compared to the usual 3-4 days with in situ solutions.

This means that our people do not have to stay on the often-dangerous stretches roads for a long time, and road accessibility is not unnecessarily burdened.”

Many narrow road stretches in Silkeborg

Gitte Merstrand continues: “We have many narrow road stretches in Silkeborg, where there is no room for the islands to be placed and where it conflicts with the snowploughs during the winter. The markings around the island will signal a wider point of support, but psychically, larger vehicles can pass taking into account the intersecting light road users. We are very pleased with the Silkeborg Module.”​