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News - Road safety

DAV NORDIC solves the same task after 20 years

DAV NORDIC has replaced the bridge guard on the Fiskebæk bridge near Farum. They did the same 20 years ago and even with one of the same assemblers. The contract offered several special conditions but was resolved without delay.

DAV NORDIC delivers bridge guard for new landmark in Høje-Taastrup

DAV NORDIC Ltd delivers bridge guard to Høje-Taastrup municipality's new bridge. The bridge is a 42 m long cable-stayed bridge with a 28 m high bridge pylon. It will connect Hedehusene with the new district, Nærheden. The bridge is built over Denmark's busiest railway line.

DAV NORDIC delivers new type of bridge guard for Crown Princess Mary's bridge

DAV NORDIC Ltd delivers and installs 2.8 km of DAV H2, W1 bridge guard for Crown Princess Mary's bridge. The bridge opens on the 28th of September and is part of a total of 9.5 km of a new 4-lane highway, which will be built as part of the "New inlet connection at Frederikssund."

​DAV NORDIC renovates conserved railing

With approval from The Danish Agency for Culture, DAV NORDIC has renovated a conserved 600 m long railing by Hvidkilde estate between Svendborg and Faaborg.

New CE marked guard railings from DAV NORDIC

With two new guard rails, H2W1 and H2W3, DAV NORDIC are now the only company in Denmark, to offer a series of guard railings in H2 of three different working widths. This means, that bridges can be equipped with rails that look almost similar but preserve the possibility to combine the different widths and characteristics. This has obvious advantages.

Once again DAV NORDIC provides for the Kalundborg Highway

The second stage of the Kalundborg Highway, which is the construction of the highway south of Regstrup, will get a noise screen, crash barriers and wildlife fencing from DAV NORDIC. The stretch is 6.5 km long and contains ramps that connect the local area with the highway.

Traffic islands with setts from DAV NORDIC for Favrskov Municipality

Favrskov Municipality has chosen 20 traffic islands with setts from DAV NORDIC, as a traffic moderating solution in Thorsø. It is a clear advantage that the islands are portable and can be moved, and the setts give them a nice finish that suits the area.

Dansk Autoværn leverer flødeboller til Aarhus Kommune

Aarhus Kommune har valgt 7,5 tons beton udført som ​30 ”flødeboller” fra Dansk Autoværn. Flødebollerne anvendes som fundament for skilte til trafikregulering og bygningsarbejder.

​DAV NORDIC delivers massively for Nordhavnsvej - Copenhagen Municipality’s biggest road projectt

DAV NORDIC has been working on Nordhavnsvej for 2½ years - Copenhagen Municipality’s biggest road project. Nordhavnsvej has been linked to the Helsingør Highway, and the project has drawn architects and engineers, who study the particular solutions that have been made on this stretch.

Once again DAV NORDIC wins the maintenance of the national roads 

The National Road Directorate received 157 single offers from 33 bidding companies on the complete maintenance of the national roads. An additional 91 combined offers were given.

Hørsholm Municipality receives custom traffic islands from DAV NORDIC

The traffic islands consist of two modules, each made of four smaller modules. The structures were custom made, since it was demanded that the structures were longer than usual

DAV NORDIC delivers massively for Holstebro Highway

Through the past three years, DAV NORDIC has supplied significantly for the new highway between Herning and Holstebro. On May 28th, the first two stages of totally 10 km opened, called “Messemotorvejen” and the Minister of Housing, Ole Birk Olesen, is very happy that the road users can enjoy the first section of the highway.

Arkil has hired DAV NORDIC for 18 bridges on Lolland

Recently, 18 bridges on Lolland have been renewed and raised in connection to the electrification of the section of the railway stretch to Rødby. DAV NORDIC has been the supplier for all bridges over a period of three years.

DAV NORDIC delivers for the third time a new railway stretch, Ringsted - Copenhagen

DAV NORDIC has had up to 14 workers on the TP4-Urban Tunnels stretch, which is a part of the new railway between Ringsted and Copenhagen. After almost three years the collaboration has reached an exceptional level.

465 m railing with LED lights and mahogany moulding from DAV NORDIC

DAV NORDIC has delivered 465 m custom-made railing for the school path in Køge. The railing is finished with LED lights from X LIGHT, which makes the solution exclusive

DAV NORDIC delivers for Copenhagen Municipality’s biggest road project

DAV NORDIC has been working on Nordhavnsvej for 2½ years - Copenhagen Municipality’s biggest road project. Nordhavnsvej has been linked to the Helsingør Highway, and the project has drawn architects and engineers who study the particular solutions that have been made on this stretch.

MILEWIDE has supplied over 1.000 light poles for Essingeleden E4 and Kristenebergsmotet in Stockholm

MILEWIDE has supplied a great deal for the Essingeleden E4 and Kristinebergsmotet in Stockholm and the deliveries continue. Over 1.000 lighting poles and bollards have been supplied up until now, and with this, MILEWIDE have set their mark on Sweden’s most busy road.

KPC Herning chose DAV NORDIC for Esbjerg’s new shopping mall

KPC Herning A/S has chosen DAV NORDIC to handle the safety of the parking areas of Esbjerg’s new shopping mall, BROEN, opening on April 10th, 2017. DAV NORDIC has supplied and assembled 600 m of crash barrier and railing around the parking area.

DAV NORDIC secures the Aarhus Letbane

The precautions around the construction of the Aarhus Letbane are high. DAV NORDIC has continuously rented out steel traffic guards for the project and this time an approximately 5.000 m long Mini-Guardâ, which has been placed on different routes in Aarhus. The Mini-Guard traffic barriers shield the construction from the on-going traffic and secure the workers of the construction.

Silkeborg Highway - an apprenticeship piece for DAV NORDIC

Ulrik Toft Marcussen, CEO of DAV NORDIC explains: “I consider the Silkeborg Highway as our apprentice exam. We have been challenged to do a, never seen before, combination of materials, special assembly, and logistics, that goes beyond my expectations. At the same time, it has been a pleasure to be contributing to the creation of this beautiful highway, which is also an architectural sensory experience for the road users and the citizen.”

Village pond in Grumløse improved with beautiful wooden fencing from DAV NORDIC

Vordingborg Municipality contacted DAV NORDIC in regard to a beautification project in Grumløse.

DAV NORDIC secures traffic by building rainwater tunnel

Hellerup has been badly affected by floods, even with minor rainfall.

DAV NORDIC ensures safety on Jyllandsringen

Federation Internationale de L’Automobile has tightened the safety rules on fast lanes. This means, that Jyllandsringen has had to invest in a set of new safety precautions.

DAV NORDIC supplies guard railings for 30 bridges on the Herning - Holstebro highway

Over a period of two years, DAV NORDIC has supplied guard railings of the type DAV H2/W2 for approximately 30 bridges on the new Herning - Holstebro highway. The guard railings are of the newest kind from DAV NORDIC and have been both crash tested, and CE marked according to the current EU norms.

Sydmotorvejen from Lellinge to Rødbyhavn is being upgraded

DAV NORDIC is in charge of the upgrade and renewal of road guard on the access- and exit ramps on Sydmotorvejen for The Road Directorate (M30 from North Lellinge to South Rødbyhavn)

DAV NORDIC ensures good traffic flow at the port of Assens

DAV NORDIC has delivered 234 m of double-sided wooden barriers for a transport route by the port of Assens. The wooden barrier separates the regular port traffic from the transportation of boats. This ensures good traffic flow.

New deliveries for high-speed railway

DAV NORDIC continues to deliver for the new high-speed railway that will be established on the route between Copenhagen-Ringsted. This time a 5.000 m long road barrier is being delivered.

2.100 m vejautoværn til højhastighedsjernbane

DAV NORDIC leverer 2.100 m vejautoværn til motorvejen på strækningen Avedøre Havnevej i Hvidovre Kommune til Brøndbyvester Boulevard i Brøndby Kommune.

Five road-carrying bridges with DAV NORDIC solutions

DAV NORDIC delivers solutions for five road-carrying bridges in connection to the electrification of the railway route going from North Køge to Næstved.

DAV NORDIC leverer igen til højhastighedsjernbane

DAV NORDIC har solidt fat i leverancerne til den nye højhastighedsjernbane. Jernbanen etableres på strækningen, København-Ringsted, og denne gang leverer DAV en lang række produkter og løsninger til strækningen Solrød-Ringsted.

Køge Bugt Highway expansion

DAV NORDIC delivers for the 2. stage of the Køge Bugt Highway expansion​

In connection to the 2. stage of the Køge Bugt Highway expansion, DAV delivers and assembles 346 m of bridge guard railing, type DAV H2/W2, and 13.100 m crash barrier

Arkil chose DAV NORDIC for 18 bridges on Lolland

Upgrade for the Fehmarnbelt

Eighteen bridges on Lolland have been renewed and heightened in connection to the electrification of the railway route to Rødby. DAV NORDIC has delivered to all bridges over a period of three years.

DAV NORDIC delivers gantries for the Køge Bugt Highway

DAV NORDIC has delivered and assembled gantries for M.J. Eriksson A/S for the expansion of the Køge Bugt Highway. In addition, DAV has also delivered and assembled road signs and stands on the stretch.

DAV NORDIC delivers a broad variety of products for high-speed railway

Parallel to the Køge Bugt highway, Banedanmark is establishing a high-speed railway, that stretches from Copenhagen to Ringsted. DAV NORDIC has signed a contract with Züblin A/S on a series of products for the project, TP40.

New bridge guard from DAV NORDIC already assembled on a series of bridges in Denmark

New bridge guard from DAV NORDIC already assembled on a series of bridges in Denmark

Once again, DAV NORDIC delivers for the Frederikssunds Highway

DAV NORDIC continues the good collaboration with Van Gelder/TBI Infra on the Frederikssunds Highway extension, 2. stage, E1220.001 highway

DAV NORDIC continues the delivery for Aarhus Letbane

DAV NORDIC has received additional orders for Aarhus Letbane and delivers approx. 2.600 m handrailings for 7 bridges in 2014

Two major orders for DAV NORDIC

DAV NORDIC has in close competition with international suppliers, won two major orders for the new highway going around Silkeborg.

DAV NORDIC delivers custom-made traffic islands for Silkeborg Municipality

DAV NORDIC have developed custom made traffic islands for Silkeborg Municipality under the name “Silkeborg Modulet”. Silkeborg Municipality has many narrow roads stretches and was in need of a traffic island with the width 1.6 m instead of the usual 2 m. DAV NORDIC has developed this and they have already been placed in several places in the municipality.

DAV NORDIC is providing a concrete crash barrier

DAV NORDIC is providing a concrete crash barrier for a new road, that connects the Helsingør Highway to the Copenhagen harbour.

Bridge guard DAV H2/W2 is now CE marked in accommodation to EN 1317-5

See and read more about the product here!

New bridge guard with built-in extra security

Once again, DAV NORDIC reveals big news regarding bridge guards for the Danish market. The bridge guard “DAV H4B/W2” with built-in extra security is ready for the Danish market and meets all the new EU requirements, is crash tested and will be CE certified.

New bridge guard from DAV NORDIC meets EU requirements

DAV NORDIC har udviklet et helt nyt broautoværn under navnet: ”DAV H2/W2”, som er klar til at indtage det danske marked.

DAV NORDIC secures cyclists on Vejlevej in Kolding

DAV NORDIC has delivered 108 m double-sided, and 243 m one-sided wooden guard and further 256 m wooden shell for a bicycle path on Vejlevej in Kolding.

In 2014, DAV NORDIC delivers approx. 1.800 m railing for four bridges

In 2014, DAV NORDIC delivers approx. 1.800 m railing for four bridges, which will be established in connection with Aarhus Letbane. The railings are provided in two variants, one of which is a specially developed railing, designed by Cowi A/S.

Extension of the Køge Bugt Highway

DAV has, with M. J. Eriksson A/S, made an agreement for the delivery and assembly of gantries, signs, and kerbs on the contracts 1052.001 northern stretch, 1052.002 southern stretch, and 1052.100 Karlstrup Mose.

DAV delivers to Fehmarn Sound & Belt

With MSE A/S, DAV has made an agreement on the delivery and installation of steel guard in connection with the upgrading of the B1 road in Rødby Harbor, which is the first project Fehmarn, Sound & Belt will initiate in connection with the advanced activities.

DAV chosen for 12 bridges

The expansion of the M10 from north of Greve to the south of Solrød has been planned and DAV has been chosen by Züblin A/S for the delivery of approx. 1 km of bridge guard for a total of 12 bridges. All bridge guards are CE marked according to EN1317-5 and the delivery is established in 2013-14. 

DAV provides bridge guard and crash barrier for one of Denmark's busiest routes

The 4 km stretch between the Taastrup highway junction and the connection between the M4 and the Frederikssund highway, will be expanded from 4 to 6 lanes.

DAV leverer bro- og autoværn til nyt motorvejskryds i Ballerup

DAV opsætter ca. 7,5 km autoværn og 300 m broautoværn ved nyt motorvejskryds i Ballerup.