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Noise screen established at Langeskov Station under major safety measures

In September, DAV NORDIC established a noise screen at the new Langeskov Station, while the trains passed at high speed and the power lines were under tension. It required great safety measures and high expertise.

Many noise screen deliveries from DAV NORDIC

DAV NORDIC has delivered and assembled many noise screens over the past year.

CEO at DAV NORDIC, Ulrik Toft Marcussen says: “We are seeing an increase in demand for noise screens. It fits well with our expertise, where we as an impartial player can mount and handle all types of noise screens. We have used specialised equipment for this delivery, and the work has been monitored in order to comply with the increased safety requirements. We expect that there will be more similar noise screens in the major civil engineering works, which in the coming years will take place on the railway.”

Noise screen adapted to current conditions

The noise screen is a Banedanmark noise screen, which is adapted to the current conditions at Langeskov Station. The screen is bolted to the platform edge instead of the normal fixing with steel foundations in the ground. There has been supplied 190 m noise screen in 2 m height. Existing steel panels from the previous screen have been recycled, but the main structure construction and the noise-absorbing stretch metal cassettes are new. The work was completed in September and was ready for the inauguration of the Minister of Transport and Building, Hans Christian Schmidt on October 4, 2015

Banedanmark is the developer together with the Municipality of Kerteminde and M. J. Eriksson A/S, the main contractor.