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Joy over the noise barrier at the Holbæk highway

DAV NORDIC Ltd has delivered a 790 meter noise barrier on Allingevej by the Holbæk highway, and the noise nuisance is considerably reduced. After years of struggle, the citizens have been given the noise barrier they have been fighting for.

The citizens on Allingvej have for years fought to get the municipality and most recently the Danish Parliament to recognise that the noise nuisance from the Holbæk highway and the new Ringsted line is a total problem. It succeeded in 2016 when the Danish Parliament allocated just over DKK 19 million for a 790 meter long noise barrier. The noise barrier is now built and executed in four stages, the last of which has just been completed.​

Barslund praises DAV NORDIC

Chairman, Jørn Thomsen from Barslund comments on the collaboration with DAV NORDIC: “We have been very satisfied with the collaboration with DAV NORDIC. There has been a good common understanding of the project and of reaching goals. All agreements have been complied with - including the oral ones, and we have jointly handled the extra safety rules that are being worked on close to the pitch. The entire project is carried out as day’s work and in a very narrow work area - no lane was to be included. Only the emergency track could be used, but we have reached our goal and we are happy with the common result we have achieved.”

Considerable noise reduction

Calculations show that the noise barrier will lead to a noticeable reduction in traffic noise and that the number of homes that are heavily affected by noise will decrease significantly. According to the calculations that were made back then, the noise reduction in the front row of houses will be about 5-7 dB and about 2-4 dB in a large part of the rest of the residential area.​