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Good collaboration on architect-designed noise screen solution on Silkeborg Highway

In the summer of 2014, Barslund A/S won the noise screen contract on the new Silkeborg Highway and chose DAV NORDIC as the primary subcontractor for the extensive enterprise. The noise screen model is called Gudenåen and was specially designed by landscape architect Preben Skaarup. The noise screen should be ready in June 2016, and there has been put a lot of thought into the architectural expression. The colour of the noise screen varies from clear to green over orange. The orange colour is chosen for the section that goes through the city. It matches the sheet pile and emphasises the very special solution the city gets.

The Road Directorate respects nature

The project director of the Road Directorate, Mike Boesen, talks about the noise screen solution: “It is important for us that the noise screen attenuates the sound in relation to the requirements we have defined, but also that it is adapted to the beautiful nature it borders on. We have worked closely with Silkeborg Municipality and have found a really good solution, which I am very pleased with.”

CEO at DAV NORDIC is proud

CEO at DAV NORDIC, Ulrik Toft Marcussen explains: “We are proud not only to supply the entire noise screen project but also the guard railing project on the new highway. It means a lot to us as a local company to be able to put our mark on the city.

We have been providing guard protection for more than 80 years, and noise screens for almost 20 years and are experiencing great growth in the noise screen area, which is partly due to the Road Directorate offering several noise screen projects but also, I think we are neutral in terms of choice of solution and skilled at assembling and managing the projects. I think that is of great importance to our customers. At the same time, we have a professional and good collaboration with the Road Directorate, which on the specific case makes the project progress completely on schedule.”

40.000 bolts and screws

The noise screen solution consists of a lot of individual parts, and it is large quantities that are used for the long stretch. DAV NORDIC will cast 2.000 tons of reinforced concrete foundation units and assemble 10.000 m2 acrylic sheets on 3.800 columns with 40,000 bolts and screws.