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DAV NORDIC solves noise issue in Brædstrup

After struggling for 7 years, the homeowners in Brædstrup received a 329 m long noise screen from DAV NORDIC. The noise screen dampens the noise from traffic on Horsensvej and Silkeborgvej, where car traffic has increased from 4.000 cars per day to 17.000 over the past 15-20 years.

Homeowners quite satisfied

Jørgen Møller, who is a homeowner, says: “We are very pleased with this solution. It has been a long and tough fight, but now we have solved the problem and both DAV NORDIC and the municipality have complied with the schedule, so we are very happy. Before, it was no pleasure to stay in our backyards or on the terrace because of the noise, but now it is a completely different matter. At the same time, we believe that we are avoiding a deterioration in our property value, so I would in every way recommend it to others.”

Green Wall noise screen

The solution chosen is a Green Wall noise screen, which is a noise screen with green plantation that falls naturally into the residential area. The noise screen is individually customized and installed in a short time. DAV NORDIC has been in close dialogue with the 12 homeowners and found both functional and nice noise reduction solutions with Green Wall.

Green Wall is one of DAV NORDIC's new sound screen solutions and is typically used in residential areas and for smaller businesses where design and functionality go hand in hand.