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DAV NORDIC launches completely new noise reduction solutions on Vejforum

There is an increasing focus on noise and public health in Denmark. In October last year, the WHO issued new guidelines for noise, pointing to a number of serious consequences of noise pollution. Therefore, many noise reduction measures are being made in the last couple of years, and DAV NORDIC is pleased to be able to launch two completely new solutions, which are presented on Vejforum.

Less space for noise reduction

Ulrik Toft Marcussen says: “Many places where the roads are widened, as well as on sections close to the city, there is a need for new solutions. Solutions that require less space on the roads and are at the same time CE marked systems. That is why we are pleased to be able to launch two new solutions that appeal to exactly that. The solutions are combined systems with crash barriers and noise screens in one, and one of them; Phonobloc® does not require grounding, which makes the system quick to install. We are showing the two new systems at Vejforum this year.”

Need for CO2 neutral solutions

A new trend that Ulrik Toft Marcussen also points to is the need for CO2-neutral solutions. “I think there are more and more demands and wishes for CO2 neutral solutions. That is why we have a strong focus on it and think about environmental issues when we look at new products and equipment. For example, we have the ALU Round light pole, where the supplier Nedal is Cradle to Cradle certified. The pole is at the same time 95% recyclable. We also have the Naturawall noise screen, which uses soil and planting as noise reduction. Wood is also an attractive material for future solutions, that we keep an eye on.”

A proclamation to the government

The new government announced shortly after their inauguration that there will only be a plan for infrastructure projects after the summer holidays of 2020, and it is not met with enthusiasm in the industry. Ulrik Toft Marcussen states: “For a number of years we have had a high level of construction and infrastructure projects, and it is unfortunate that the government is slowing down completely. The whole industry has increased its staff and is ready for the projects, which for many will probably come later, but with such a long slowdown, it can be difficult to keep all specialists. We, therefore, hope that the government will initiate some of the obvious projects before then.”

Noise reduction in the municipalities​

The two new solutions that DAV NORDIC is launching on Vejforum are the Phonobloc® noise reduction system and noise-absorbing crash barriers. Phonobloc® noise reduction system is a simple modular system where concrete protection and noise reduction are built together.

The system is not anchored in the ground, and thus it is suitable for areas with soft bottoms or many cables in the ground, which usually cause difficulties in relation to the establishment. The heavy weight of the concrete guard ensures that the system is fixed at for instance collisions, that it is easy to mount and requires less space on the roads.

Noise-absorbing crash barriers are a system consisting of crash barriers and noise reduction in one system. It has the same height as other crash barrier systems, and significantly reduces noise. Of all traffic noise on roads, 80% comes from tire noise. With a short sound source, if the guard is close to the sound source, there is no need for a tall screen to attenuate the noise. The system is suitable for solutions in many municipalities, where the noise barrier can often be placed close to the noise source.​