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DAV NORDIC exclusive distributor of new noise screen

Naturawall noise screen - great sound absorption

Naturawall noise screen consists of hot-galvanised steel panels filled with top-soil. The soil provides sound attenuation and the possibility of planting hedges, flowers or similar. The planting is done step by step in the screen and quickly turns green/flowering. The individual design of the screen allows you to get the expression you want while the sound attenuation up to 67 dB is considerable. The screen is available in a vast number of heights and widths and can be produced in special sizes.

Environmentally friendly solution

​Thus, Natura Wall provides several square meters for planting, which among other things helps reduce air pollution. The planting increases the possibility that insects, small birds, amphibians, etc. can live in the area. The screen can be reused if it is removed/moved and the steel structure is hot-galvanised and resistant to the Danish weather.

Easy establishment

​The screen does not require a foundation, but only a gravel cushion, making it easy and quick to set up. DAV NORDIC is responsible for the entire setup including soil and plants if desired, and the steel panels can be supplied painted in standard RAL colours.