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DAV NORDIC delivers effective sound attenuation to the Armed Forces

Sjælsø Shooting Range has been muted with 41.000 sound baffles delivered to the Armed Forces over the last four months. The result is a huge success. The sound is significantly attenuated, and the first sound measurements could not detect sound at a distance of 200 m, which is the distance requirement. DAV NORDIC has been involved in the project development phase and has subsequently been responsible for the project management and installation of the sound baffles.

The most silent shooting range

Colonel Mads Rahbek of the Royal Life Guards said at the reopening of the range on August 9th, 2018:

“I can understand that people reacted to the noise from the shooting ranges 10 years ago, but now we stand with the most silent shooting range available. I'm happy."

The shooting range has been closed for a period due to the rebuild. This has meant that professional soldiers under the Armed Forces, and others have been transported to many other places in Denmark for shooting training. Fortunately, it was completed in less than four months and Allerød Municipality is pleased by the redevelopment that the municipality's second-largest workplace is secured.

16.000 m2 shooting range

The shooting range actually consists of three courses, which in total are approx. 16.000 m2. DAV NORDIC has been involved from the start and contributed to the development of the project together with the Armed Forces, EKJ Rådgivende Ingeniører A/S and ALU Plus. The collaboration has been really nice, and the solution chosen is a 460 m long steel roof, to which 41.000 sound baffles are hung with a sound attenuation of 13.7 dB.