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DAV NORDIC delivers 260 tonnes of steel for noise barriers on the Masnedsund bridge

As part of the electrification of the Ringsted-Femern line, the Masnedsund bridge will be rebuilt. DAV NORDIC has provided both a noise screen and a crash barrier for the project.

No less than 260 tonnes of steel were delivered and installed distributed on steel foundations and columns and screen plates for the now established noise screen on the Madsnedsund bridge. The bridge is 200 meters long, and the project has been divided into smaller contracts, which have been carried out over the past year. DAV NORDIC's skilled welders were needed as bracket plates for columns were welded to the sheet pile top. Close to 100 meters of certificate welding was required before the columns could be erected.

More than 100 bridges are being rebuilt in connection with the electrification of the railway line between Copenhagen and Nykøbing Falster. DAV NORDIC has performed this task for Aarsleff.