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393 blueprints for specially designed noise screen from DAV NORDIC

DAV NORDIC Ltd has delivered an 1150 meter specially designed noise screen for the TP73 project in Valby. The project is part of the Copenhagen-Ringsted connection, and the delivery has been so special that DAV NORDIC has produced no less than 393 blueprints, including handling the complicated project management of the noise screen.

In connection with the construction of the new line between Copenhagen and Ringsted, Aarsleff Ltd has built an approx. 1 km long double-track railway line with two bridges Bane Danmark. The line can now pass over the tracks from the high-speed track between Copenhagen and Ringsted, and DAV NORDIC has delivered a specially designed noise screen for the 140 m long bridge and the further course.

Aarsleff praises DAV NORDIC

​Lars Engvang, project manager at Aarsleff, says: “The project with DAV NORDIC has worked impeccably. We have been very pleased with their efforts. Both the management of the construction site have been professional and the assemblers have been skilled and solution-oriented despite a complicated task. In addition, there has been a tight schedule on the project, which has also been adhered to.”

400 kg heavy brackets

DAV NORDIC has delivered and installed 1150 meters of specially designed iron noise screen, where the plate variants are up to 100 compared to the normal six. There has been delivered 250 columns and on the side of the bridge, with special crane, floating in the air, there has been mounted 400 kg heavy brackets. It has been an enormous management task to handle the many plate variants for the noise screen, but it has gone exceptionally well with quite a few errors and shortcomings.

DAV NORDIC Ltd - the former Dansk Autoværn

​DAV NORDIC Ltd was previously called Dansk Autoværn but changed its name on the 1st of April 2019. On the 1st of May 2019, DAV NORDIC acquired the pole department from Priess Ltd and merged with the sister company MILEWIDE Ltd. DAV NORDIC added a large pole department and an even larger palette of products, which now comprise four business areas - traffic safety, noise reduction, light poles and steel structures.