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News - Noise reduction solutions

DAV NORDIC delivers 260 tonnes of steel for noise barriers on the Masnedsund bridge

As part of the electrification of the Ringsted-Femern line, the Masnedsund bridge will be rebuilt. DAV NORDIC has provided both a noise screen and a crash barrier for the project.


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DAV NORDIC reduces noise on last part of the Silkeborg highway

DAV NORDIC Ltd has delivered to all four contracts for noise reduction of the Silkeborg highway, and the last section at Funder Kirkeby is now complete.


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Joy over the noise barrier at the Holbæk highway

DAV NORDIC Ltd has delivered a 790 meter noise barrier on Allingevej by the Holbæk highway, and the noise nuisance is considerably reduced. After years of struggle, the citizens have been given the noise barrier they have been fighting for.


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DAV NORDIC launches completely new noise reduction solutions on Vejforum

There is an increasing focus on noise and public health in Denmark. In October last year, the WHO issued new guidelines for noise, pointing to a number of serious consequences of noise pollution.

Therefore, many noise reduction measures are being made in the last couple of years, and DAV NORDIC is pleased to be able to launch two completely new solutions, which are presented on Vejforum.


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393 blueprints for specially designed noise screen from DAV NORDIC​

DAV NORDIC Ltd has delivered an 1150 meter specially designed noise screen for the TP73 project in Valby. The project is part of the Copenhagen-Ringsted connection, and the delivery has been so special that DAV NORDIC has produced no less than 393 blueprints, including handling the complicated project management of the noise screen.


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DAV NORDIC reduces noise on Silkeborg Highway

​DAV NORDIC A/S has won all four contracts for the noise reduction enterprises of Silkeborg Highway. The noise from the highway needs to be further reduced, and therefore The Road Directorate has initiated a number of measures, which will be completed at the end of the year.

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DAV NORDIC reduces noise on the Hillerød highway

DAV NORDIC A/S has supplied a 524 m noise barrier with wooden slats to the Hillerød highway at Bregnerød. The noise barrier lowers the noise from the highway considerably and the residents are happy.

DAV NORDIC provides Denmark’s tallest noise screen for Kolding

For Barslund, DAV NORDIC has delivered and fitted an approx. 2 km long noise screen at Bramdrupdam in Kolding. The noise screen is the tallest so far in Denmark and on much of the stretch it is up to 7 m. It will reduce the noise from the Sønderjyske highway towards residential areas in Bramdrupdam.

DAV NORDIC delivers effective sound attenuation to the Armed Forces

Sjælsø Shooting Range has been muted with 41.000 sound baffles delivered to the Armed Forces over the last four months. The result is a huge success. The sound is significantly attenuated, and the first sound measurements could not detect sound at a distance of 200 m, which is the distance requirement. DAV NORDIC has been involved in the project development phase and has subsequently been responsible for the project management and installation of the sound baffles.

DAV NORDIC solves noise issue in Brædstrup

After struggling for 7 years, the homeowners in Brædstrup received a 329 m long noise screen from DAV NORDIC. The noise screen dampens the noise from traffic on Horsensvej and Silkeborgvej, where car traffic has increased from 4.000 cars per day to 17.000 over the past 15-20 years.

DAV NORDIC provides Naturawall Noise Screen for Aalborg

DAV NORDIC delivers Naturawall Noise Screen for the first time in Denmark. The screen will be erected on the new bypass south of Aalborg.

DAV NORDIC delivers particularly narrow noise screen for the E45

DAV NORDIC has delivered and assembled 379 m of noise screen along the E45 at Munkdrup. The Municipality of Randers has a newly developed residential area which was to be protected against noise from the highway, and due to lack of space, it was a requirement that the noise barrier was very narrow.

DAV NORDIC launches Green Wall noise screen

DAV NORDIC has won the distribution of Green Wall, which is a steel noise screen with green planting. It naturally falls into the area and has a short installation time.

DAV NORDIC exclusive distributor of new noise screen

Naturawall noise screen consists of hot-galvanised steel panels filled with top-soil. The soil provides sound attenuation and the possibility of planting hedges, flowers or similar.

Good collaboration on architect-designed noise screen solution on Silkeborg Highway

In the summer of 2014, Barslund A/S won the noise screen contract on the new Silkeborg Highway and chose DAV NORDIC as the primary subcontractor for the extensive enterprise.

Noise screen established at Langeskov Station under major safety measures

In September, DAV NORDIC established a noise screen at the new Langeskov Station, while the trains passed at high speed and the power lines were under tension. It required great safety measures and high expertise.

A new type of noise screen for Vestvolden in Rødovre 

For Per Aarsleff A/S, DAV has been responsible for the delivery and assembly of noise shield along the Urban Ring 3.