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Single absorbent noise screen ​

​Function of single-sided absorbent noise shield

​A single absorbent noise screen cassette is constructed in such a way that one side is in a solid material that is a core of insulation and the other side has an open surface that allows the sound to invade into the insulation, which absorbs the sound.

The single-sided absorbing noise screen is good for noise sources from one angle

The area of application for a noise shield with single-sided absorption will typically be areas and environments where the noise source only hits one side and the area behind the noise shield is not noisy.

It could, for example, be along railways or stretches of road where there is no habitation close behind the noise barrier.

Acoustic comprehension:

​It is not only the insulation core that absorbs the noise. There must also be a hard material that stops the sound from passing through the noise barrier. This is the function of the reflective back.