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Reflective noise screens

​Reflective noise shields

- when the sound is to be sent back

Reflective noise shield is a good and cost-conscious solution in areas where you have:

  1. ​​a noise source
  2. ​an area you want to shield the noise from
  3. ​on the opposite side has an area that is not sensitive to noise​

For reflective screens, it applies that they can be made of different materials. At DAV NORDIC, the majority of our reflective screens are transparent. Our aluminum cassettes can also be supplied with a hard and dense surface. Reflective noise screens can also be made of steel, such as our track screens.​

Historically, this screen type has been mostly used along motorways, bridges and railways in areas where, for example, there is no residential area opposite the section where the noise screen is set up.


Acoustic comprehension:

​A reflective noise screen is made of a hard and dense material that reflects the sound waves back. They can be both hollow and with an insulating core, which can support the reflective function.

The construction of a reflective noise screen can be seen in the illustration on the right. The upper illustration shows a cassette with filling and the lower illustration shows a cassette without filling.​

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