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Pole series for contemporary building style

DAV NORDIC delivers for the 3rd time our specially made poles to Tirsbæk Bakke in Vejle. This time, 45 poles have been set up in the area. The poles have been developed in collaboration with Focus Lighting Ltd.

Tirsbæk hills contain the visionary subdivision of natural plots, beautifully situated in Bredballe on the outskirts of Vejle. Ravn Arkitektur is responsible for the pure architectural lines, the construction company Østergaard Ltd is behind the construction tasks in the area while Jansson Ltd has handled the electrical contract.

For the project, DAV NORDIC has developed a new pole series that harmoniously assembles the Nyx 330 and Nyx 450 luminaires from Focus Lighting Ltd into fully moulded architectural elements that elegantly go hand in hand with the challenging modern building style that already characterises the area.

The result is so successful that the pole series is launched as standard and thus completes the diversity of the Nyx luminaire series.

Poles and luminaires contribute positively to the overall impression in Tirsbæk Bakker