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MILEWIDE delivers aluminium light poles for The Fehmarnbelt

As a subcontractor to Opeka, MILEWIDE has delivered 150 poles for four bridges on the stretch between Ringsted and Fehmarn. For MILEWIDE, combining both signal and lighting poles from the ALU Economic series, which became a part of the assortment around mid-2017, is a first.

Opeka: Very satisfied with MILEWIDE

Per Christiansen, service manager at Opeka, explains: “We have had a great collaboration with Emil Mortensen from MILEWIDE. Close to perfect, I would say. MILEWIDE is very service-oriented and the whole process went by smoothly. Furthermore, we are very satisfied with the ALU Economic series. It is both visually attractive and in a fitting price-range for the project. Besides this, MILEWIDE has delivered the luminaires for the projects, which have eased the process. I am very satisfied.”

26 new bridges

In connection to the Fehmarnbelt link, 26 new bridges will be constructed and an additional 30 bridges will be renovated. The railway will create a faster connection between Copenhagen and Hamburg and move goods and passengers from the roads to the railways to ultimately reduce the CO2 emissions. Opeka has delivered signal and lighting systems for five projects and MILEWIDE has been the choice for all five of them. Banedanmark is the project developer and MT Højgaard the main contractor.