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​DAV NORDIC delivers design light poles for a roundabout

DAV NORDIC A/S has delivered 15 MILEWIDE design light poles for a roundabout in Sorø. The light poles are cylindrical, passive safety and highly suited for roundabouts. The same pole type was previously installed in other roundabouts in the area.

Better access to corporate area

The roundabout replaces a crossroad by Elmebjergvej and Kalundborg in Sorø and secures better accessibility in relation to the corporate area, Pedersborg and Kalundborgvejen.

DAV NORDIC has delivered MILEWIDE light poles for Bravida whom with special made brackets have installed them with Focus Lighting luminaires.

DAV NORDIC A/S - new light pole department

DAV NORDIC A/S is the former Dansk Autoværn, who made a name change on the 1st of April, 2019.

On May 1st, 2019 the company acquired the light poles division of Priess A/S and merged with its sister company MILEWIDE A/S. This has brought DAV NORDIC a large new light poles division and an even larger palette of products.

DAV NORDIC now operates within four business areas - road safety, noise reduction solutions, steel for construction and light poles. Besides that, the company possesses a large assembly and installation division which holds the responsibility for 80% of the maintenance of Danish roads.