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News - Poles

Pole series for contemporary building style

DAV NORDIC delivers for the 3rd time our specially made poles to Tirsbæk Bakke in Vejle. This time, 45 poles have been set up in the area. The poles have been developed in collaboration with Focus Lighting Ltd.

DAV NORDIC delivers resilient poles to Crown Princess Mary's Bridge

In collaboration with Bravida Ltd, DAV NORDIC Ltd has delivered 189 Protec Pole's flexible galvanised steel lighting poles to Crown Princess Mary's Bridge.

DAV NORDIC delivers design light poles for a roundabout

DAV NORDIC A/S has delivered 15 MILEWIDE design light poles for a roundabout in Sorø. The light poles are cylindrical, passive safety and highly suited for roundabouts. The same pole type was previously installed in other roundabouts in the area.

DAV NORDIC delivers light poles for Hovedstadens Letbane railway-project

Hovedstadens Letbane has earnestly begun to construct the upcoming light railway. The light railway will be running between Lyngby and Ishøj and connecting further six S-train lines across the capital. DAV NORDIC A/S has delivered the first MILEWIDE lighting- and signal poles for Ørsted.

DAV NORDIC acquires and merges

On May 1st, 2019 DAV NORDIC buys up the Priess A/S light poles division and merges with its sister company MILEWIDE A/S that very day. This has brought DAV NORDIC a large new light poles division and an even larger palette of products for the roads. The expansion places the company as the strongest player on-road equipment in Denmark.

MILEWIDE deliver design light poles to Stockholm, customised for Louis Poulsen Kipp luminaire 

MILEWIDE has delivered ALU Design light poles for bicycle- and walking paths for Stockholm Stad. The light poles supplement the total delivery for Stockholm Forbifarten with more than 1.000 ALU Design light poles and they are the first of the Ø130 type. 

MILEWIDE delivers aluminium light poles for The Fehmarnbelt

As a subcontractor to Opeka, MILEWIDE has delivered 150 poles for four bridges on the stretch between Ringsted and Fehmarn. For MILEWIDE, combining both signal and lighting poles from the ALU Economic series, which became a part of the assortment around mid-2017, is a first.