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References to bridge guards

A list of some of the work we have done with´bridge guards.

Arkil chose DAV NORDIC for 18 bridges


Enterprise: E3001 Ringsted Fehmarn course. Road bridges Lolland Falster

Delivery: Bridge- and crash barrier, bar railing and pipe railing

​Massive deliveries to the Køge Bugt Highway


Enterprise: Køge Bugt Highwayway

Delivery: 7 km of crash barrier and self-developed bridge guard for 4 bridges

Bridge guard for more than 30 bridges

2015 - 2016

Enterprise: Herning-Holstebro highway

Delivery: 4.000 m DAV H2/W2 bridge guard, 300 m railing

​High-speed railway


Enterprise: Enterprise Bridge guard, etc.

Delivery: Delivery Bridge guard, track and railings, ballast bulkheads and concrete foundations

​New bridge guard from DAV on a wide range of bridges

2014 - 2016

Enterprise: New bridge guard DAV H2/W2

Delivery: Bridge protection for a wide range of bridges

​E002, Bridge guard at Næstved East distributor road

2011 - 2012

Enterprise: Construction work

Delivery: 820 m bridge guard on 9 bridges

​12710.200 Bridge guard at Slagelse bypass

2011 - 2012

Enterprise: Bridge guard

Delivery: 280 m bridge guard and other work on 7 bridges

​​4530.06 Steel crash barrier, Kværndrup-Svendborg


Enterprise: Steel crash barrier in connection with new Kværndrup-Svendborg highway

Delivery: 20.700 m steel guard incl. downs, chargebacks and resilient crash barrier transmissions

​​316-0003 Renovation of guardrails and railings, Egernsund Bridge


Enterprise: Renovation of crash barrier and railing

Delivery: 500 m renovation, 130 tons of steel