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Covers for EV chargers with solar panels ​

Our covers solution for electric charging stations comes with solar panels as an integrated part of the construction. The solar panels form the roof of the shelter itself and therefore play an active role. 

The solar panels are designed in collaboration with Solar Polaris, which has more than 10 years of experience in designing and implementing solar panels in constructions.​

Among other things, the covers offer the opportunity to advertise on several surfaces, where signs with name, logo and messages  can be mounted.

In addition, both drainage and lighting have been included in the construction. In one of its pillars, the construction hides an integrated drainage system. The solution is intended for the drainage to exit from the column below ground level and has a hidden connection to the area’s drainage system.

On the roof of the construction, the shelter has a central gutter dimensioned in a convenient width for manual cleaning by hand

There is free opportunity to mount the desired lighting in the cover.

Read more about our project to the Danish Road Directorate, where we supply covers for new charging parks as a result of the Infrastructure Plan 2035.

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