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​DAV NORDIC acquires and merges

On May 1st, 2019 DAV NORDIC buys up the Priess A/S light poles division and merges with its sister company MILEWIDE A/S that very day. This has brought DAV NORDIC a large new light poles division and an even larger palette of products for the roads. The expansion places the company as the strongest player on-road equipment in Denmark.

​Continuous development

CEO of DAV NORDIC, Ulrik Toft Marcussen explains: “We are constantly aware of any movement in the market and we believe that a wider variety of products are in high demand with our customers. With a history that goes back 9 decades, a solid foundation, a competent and experienced team, and a new division in light poles, we can now offer even more to the market. All while keeping a sense of humbleness for the task and doing our best to provide the most optimal service to our customers, even in a transitional period. We are in luck, because both the staff from Priess and MILEWIDE will continue in DAV NORDIC so we retain the expertise and the collaboration is already blossoming. We are looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.”

A complete assortment of light poles

DAV NORDIC wishes to pass on and strengthen the best parts of the two companies. A high level of service, a broad spectre of expert knowledge as well as being able to accommodate the customers with a complete range of products. The range of light poles reaches from steel poles, passive safety aluminium poles to design poles. The wider range of products creates a greater opportunity to arrange even better agreements with the suppliers, which in the end will benefit the customers. Ulrik Toft Marcussen continues: “The market for light poles has set its roots and with our broad program we will be a significant player on the market.”

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