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DAV NORDIC hires new CEO

DAV NORDIC hires new CEO

​On May 1st, 2015, Ulrik Toft Marcussen joins DAV NORDIC as the new Admin. Director/CEO.

Ulrik Toft Marcussen comes from a position as Senior Project Manager at Total Wind, where he was responsible for 200 employees in “Onshore Installation” across Europe. Ulrik has previously been employed for 15 years at DAV NORDIC and replaces Poul B. Kirkegaard, who passed away as a result of serious illness in January 2015.

Heavy legacy to lift

Ulrik Toft Marcussen has an EBA - Diploma in Engineering Business Administration from 2011 and has worked with management for the past 15 years. Ulrik was employed by DAV NORDIC during the period 1992 - 2007, where from 1998 - 2007 he was responsible for the Zealand department. Ulrik Toft Marcussen states: "It is a heavy legacy to lift after Poul B. Kirkegaard, but I believe I have good prerequisites. I know the market, business structure, and product program well, and DAV NORDIC has really good employees who I am pleased to work with."

Same line as before

Ulrik Toft Marcussen continues: "I will continue the line that has been laid in DAV NORDIC and which has been successful in recent years. My focus is on the commercial, where I will partly care for networks and help secure the real partners and partly ensure that our projects run efficiently.

DAV NORDIC is the market leader in Denmark, and we will continue to be and be humble in relation to this. We need to be innovative and support the market with new products and solutions in relation to the changed rules that are constantly coming into force through the European norm set.”

A competent management team

From May 1st, DAV NORDIC will be led by a management team consisting of CFO Stefan Finseth Nielsen and CEO Ulrik Toft Marcussen. This means a continued strong focus on finances, employee care and quality.


DAV NORDIC is a supplier of road safety and is nationwide with its head office in Silkeborg. The company is more than 90 years old and has provided a wide range of road safety solutions to the Danish roads throughout the years.


​Acting Director, Stefan Finseth Nielsen

Phone: +45 8682 2900 Cell: +45 2048 5523
E-mail: sfn@davnordic.dk