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DAV NORDIC cooperates internationally

DAV NORDIC is cooperating more and more with international contractors on jobs in Denmark. Examples of this are Züblin around the extension of the Køge Bugt Highway and Van Gelder around the Frederikssund Highway, phase 2, Tværvejen.

Requirements for great cooperation

”It takes a great deal of cooperation to work together on solving tasks at such a high level of technicality, and everyone is extra careful about details, methods and not least about the linguistic challenges there are," says Jan K. Nielsen, Project manager at DAV.

“Through our collaboration with Van Gelder on the Frederikssund Highway, we gain valuable insight into a foreign contractor's approach to projects of this nature. It is clearly felt that Van Gelder is used to a different workflow than ours, so they make a great effort to become familiar with our business processes,” says Jan K. Nielsen and continues: “DAV contributes with know-how about bridge and steel guards, about design and, not least, about CE marked products, and as an added plus we gain valuable insight into different cultures in the collaboration. It makes it exciting and challenging,” continues Jan K. Nielsen.


Several foreign contractors in Denmark

Foreign contractors have come to stay in Denmark. With large infrastructure projects such as the Fehmarnbelt tunnel and the new Copenhagen-Ringsted railway, this is only the beginning, and therefore DAV is pleased to have already gained good experience with the international cooperation. “We believe it is necessary when we want to operate on large infrastructure projects in the future,” continues Jan K. Nielsen.