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News - Company

Silkeborg company is growing massively on the bottom line

DAV NORDIC Ltd set new records in 2019, where the gross profit grew i.a. due to new business areas and the efforts of employees.

2019 has been a terrific year for DAV NORDIC. The company's accounts for 2019 show a marked revenue increase of 40% and a bottom line according to. The result helps to further consolidate the company's equity.

Jens and Martin have worked for DAV NORDIC for a quarter of a century

At DAV NORDIC, we are really proud of our many talented employees who ensure that we achieve our ambitious goals. In February, a month of grey clouds and a lot of rainfall, something uplifting also happened; both Jens Jacobsen and Martin Hansen could both celebrate their 25th anniversary at DAV NORDIC.

Dansk Autoværn A/S changes its name to DAV NORDIC A/S

Dansk Autoværn A/S will change its name to DAV NORDIC A/S on April 1st. Today the company has a number of business areas in both installation and construction, which is why it is a natural development to change the name, says Admin. Director/CEO, Ulrik Toft Marcussen.

DAV NORDIC turns 90 years old

DAV NORDIC turns 90 years old in 2018 and stands on a strong foundation that will be further developed in the coming years. The company no longer only provides solutions for construction projects, but moves into the building industry with success.

DAV NORDIC expands with a subsidiary in Sweden with full force

DAV NORDIC has per. December 1st, 2016, established a subsidiary in Sweden. In 2019 the daughter company Milewide merged into DAV NORDIC, at the same time DAV NORDIC Bought the light pole division from Priess A/S. DAV NORDIC have hereafter the widest range of light poles in Denmark.

DAV NORDIC has got a new comprehensive website

We are excited to launch our new responsive website.


The site has been expanded with a number of new facilities and exciting possibilities and with the small 100 sub-pages, there is much to download.

DAV NORDIC hires department chief in Zealand

On November 1st, 2015, Michael Larsen took over as Head of Department for DAV NORDIC's department in Bjæverskov, Zealand. Michael Larsen comes from a position as Head of Department at Petri & Haugsted A/S, where he has been for 11½ years and worked with management in the construction industry. Michael Larsen has the right experience and the right personal skills to lead and develop the department in Zealand.

DAV NORDIC is recruiting Economist and IT apprentice

For the head office in Silkeborg, DAV NORDIC is looking for a skilled and extroverted Economics and IT apprentice who has lots of drive.

DAV NORDIC hires new CEO

On May 1st, 2015, Ulrik Toft Marcussen joins DAV NORDIC as the new Admin. Director/CEO.

DAV NORDIC cooperates internationally

DAV NORDIC is cooperating more and more with international contractors on jobs in Denmark. Examples of this are Züblin around the extension of the Køge Bugt Highway and Van Gelder around the Frederikssund Highway, phase 2, Tværvejen.

The environment in focus

DAV has just purchased two new 26 tons trucks. The investment is the first in a series of investments with special focus on the environment and reduction of CO2 emissions.