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High masts for locations that demands additional lighting and visibility

​High masts provide extra lighting options and low operating costs

High masts are particularly useful in industrial and sports areas where space (for and around a mast) can be an issue and where a lot of light is needed in large areas. If you want a classic tall pole, we recommend our conical pole, which can be placed in locations with very little space. If, on the other hand, you want a mast that ensures extra easy and safe ongoing maintenance, you can choose our hinged mast. For hinged masts, there are various options for good and safe solutions. 

When you buy a tall mast from DAV NORDIC, you buy durability and easy maintenance. We guarantee it.

Conical floodlight poles​

​Conical floodlight masts are ideal for direct lighting at airports, harbors and sports facilities

Do you have a large area where you have high demands on the amount of light in the area? Then DAV NORDIC's conical floodlight pole is the solution! Our floodlight poles are especially used at sports facilities, harbors and airports. The tall poles allow for the illumination of large areas while also offering great flexibility in terms of placement options. We offer a wide range of trusses and galleries as mounting solutions for light fixtures, so you get both the function and decorative look you're looking for. 

Solutions that fit your needs and ensure easy operation and maintenance

​Conical floodlight poles are available in a variety of formats to suit your needs. They can be delivered in the RAL color of your choice, either powder coated or wet painted according to EN 12499. In addition, they can be supplied with a top coat, which is an anti-sticker and anti-graffiti coating that ensures low maintenance in the future.  

Floodlight masts can also be supplied with various solutions for ongoing maintenance and accessibility. A selection of the options are: 

  • They come with the option of installing steps for access to the top.
  • They can be delivered with a tilting system where the mast can be tipped down so that maintenance can easily be carried out from the ground without the use of a crane.
  • Finally, they can be delivered with a "Raise and Lower" system, where the lighting fixtures are hoisted up and down. This makes maintenance work incredibly easy as it can be done on the ground and without tipping the pole.​

​High-quality, long-life tapered floodlight masts

Our conical floodlight poles are also available with up to 3 hatches for easier access to the electronics inside. 

All floodlight poles are manufactured from hot-dip galvanized steel according to DS/EN ISO 1461 and are CE marked. They are all load-calculated according to Eurocode 1, including the national wind index for Denmark. This means that we can guarantee a lifespan of at least 25 years in C3 environments, which corresponds to e.g. outdoor environments in cities or industry. 

If you need a conical floodlight pole that has functionality in relation to your needs, long lifetime and low maintenance, please contact us if you have any questions, want a non-binding offer or need advice on choosing the right product. 

​Hinged masts

​Hinged masts are specially designed for hard-to-reach places

If you need to install floodlights in areas that are difficult to access with lifts and cranes, DAV NORDIC hinged masts are the best solution for you. 

Our hinged masts are used at sports facilities, harbors, hills, slopes and  ports. Hinged masts can mainly be used in places where it can be difficult or impossible to access with a service lift or crane. Hinged masts are highly functional as they can be operated by one person without the need for a crane or lift. This makes it easier and safer to maintain both the mast and various luminaires. 

The masts can be tilted in the middle, bringing the top of the mast down to an easy-to-operate height. This also means lower operating costs as no crane or lift is required.

Many options for convenient operation and accessories

Our hinged masts come in a BM type, which is a lightweight mast with manual operation for mast tipping. They also come in a BMT type, which is a heavy-duty mast with either manual or electric winch to operate the mast tipping function. 

Hinged masts can be equipped with all types of crossbars and ring crossbars.  Hinged masts are supplied with foot flanges for mounting on a cast foundation or a steel foundation can be supplied for burial. 

Our hinged masts are manufactured in hot-dip galvanized steel according to DS/EN 1461. They are also CE-marked with load calculations according to EN 40 and for the tall ones - over 15 m - according to Eurocode 1. In addition, you can increase their functionality by purchasing our anti-graffiti and anti-sticker top coat. 

If you need a floodlight mast where you have room to lay it flat on the ground, a hinged mast is a practical solution for you.