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MILEWIDE - Accessories

​The MILEWIDE pole is designed by the successful designer, Knud Holscher. The pole is part of our complete design range of road equipment in anodised aluminum. The built-in mounting grooves, the cylindrical design, and the smooth anodised surface make the pole unique.

The Ø130 pole is compliant with EN 12767 and is used in heights from 3-6 meters. The pole is buried or mounted in a concrete insertion foundation.

The Ø170 pole is compliant to EN 12767 in all compliance classes and is used in heights from 6-12 meters. The pole is mounted on standard concrete foundation type 2-4.


Product sheet luminaire arms

Foundations, luminaire arms, and fittings are ordered separately.

​Contact us by phone on +45 86 82 29 00 or by e-mail master@davnordic.dk for further information on our MILEWIDE lighting poles.