Jens and Martin have worked for DAV NORDIC for a quarter of a century

At DAV NORDIC, we are really proud of our many talented employees who ensure that we achieve our ambitious goals. In February, a month of grey clouds and a lot of rainfall, something uplifting also happened; both Jens Jacobsen and Martin Hansen could both celebrate their 25th anniversary at DAV NORDIC.

Jens Jacobsen (left) and Martin Hansen (right) together have over 50 years of seniority in DAV NORDIC

Jens is an assembler in our Zealand department and has increased safety on Danish roads over the past 25 years. DAV NORDIC was fortunate to take over the hard-working assembler back in the year 2000 when part of Bladt Industries was acquired.

In addition to Jens setting up crash barriers on a daily basis, he eagerly spends his free time looking after his and his wife’s disused farm in North Jutland.

I especially like cutting trees, tending to my garden and not least spending time with my grandchildren,

Jens Jacobsen

Martin is the warehouse manager in the Zealand department. It is Martin’s credit that both the assemblers drive off every day with filled trucks, but also that the storage space looks neat and tidy. He has been employed by the company since the Zealand department started on a 2-lane farm in Farum in the year 1995. For the first 14 years, the roads served as his workplace, where he performed his job as an assembler.

Martin’s tireless nature is also expressed, in his spare time, because when he is not working, he maintains and operates a disused country estate in East Zealand. In the summer there is an extra lot of life and happy days because there he takes care of the almost 20 cattle that help keep the grasslands around the farm down.

DAV NORDIC thanks both Jens and Martin for their diligent work over the years and wishes both employees great congratulations on the anniversaries!

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