DAV NORDIC expands with a subsidiary in Sweden with full force

DAV NORDIC has per. December 1st, 2016, established a subsidiary in Sweden. In 2019 the daughter company Milewide merged into DAV NORDIC, at the same time DAV NORDIC Bought the light pole division from Priess A/S. DAV NORDIC have hereafter the widest range of light poles in Denmark.

DAV NORDIC – Swedish subsidiary

​DAV NORDIC is the name of the Swedish subsidiary, and the company is centrally located in Jönköping, midway between Stockholm, Malmö, and Gothenburg right up the E4 – Sweden’s main traffic artery. Ulrik Toft Marcussen says:

We can offer our entire product range in Sweden, which is actually quite extensive with the full range of poles in the game as well, and we have hired highly qualified and competent people who we expect can continue our Danish business concept.

MILEWIDE – Quality road equipment

MILEWIDE is well known in the Swedish market and is part of major road projects such as the upcoming passing in Stockholm.

Milewide as a brand was established in 1995 on the basis of two design competitions, which were printed by the Road Directorate and the Danish Design Center on a comprehensive range of road equipment and noise barriers.

Knud Holscher Industrial Design won both competitions and the new company and product line came to be called MILEWIDE.

The MILEWIDE products are designed to be part of a number of combinations and the noise screen has won the IF Product Design Award and the German design award Die 100 Besten Industrie-design in 1998. Milewide has not previously had a sales consultant in Sweden, but now the sales work is managed by DAV NORDIC.


DAV NORDIC is a provider of road safety, noise reducing solutions, poles and steel for construction and is nationwide with headquarters in Silkeborg and a branch in Bjæverskov and Sweden. The company is more than 90 years old and provided solutions from all four business areas. In both Denmark and Sweden.

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