Dansk Autoværn A/S changes its name to DAV NORDIC A/S

Dansk Autoværn A/S will change its name to DAV NORDIC A/S on April 1st. Today the company has a number of business areas in both installation and construction, which is why it is a natural development to change the name, says Admin. Director/CEO, Ulrik Toft Marcussen.

Customer-driven name change

Ulrik Toft Marcussen continues: “For a while, we thought about our name, which was originally chosen because we invented the crash barrier (“autoværn” in Danish) back in the ’30s. Many people think we only sell crash barriers, and with three major business areas, it is far from the truth today. It is a customer-driven decision – we want a name that does not only signal crash barriers and guards. DAV NORDIC is also the name of our Swedish branch, and it has always been our long-term plan that we should go by the same name.

New business areas are a possibility

DAV NORDIC has four business areas: Road safety, noise reduction solutions, steel for construction and poles.

Today we are the market leader in both noise reduction and traffic safety and noise reduction is actually our largest business area. In 2018, we took in a new business area, steel for construction, and today we supply a number of steel solutions for the construction business, thus exploits our solid knowledge of steel and steel structures. If new business opportunities arise, we are prepared to act on the demand.”

Ulrik Toft Marcussen, CEO

The biggest accounting

​In 2019, DAV NORDIC faces the biggest financial year in the company’s 91-year history. There has been a serious increase in order intake and the staff has increased both in technical competence and project management. And it doesn’t seem to stop here. With the many major infrastructure projects underway in Denmark including highway developments, the Hærvej Highway, the Fehmarnbelt plus the increasing need for noise reduction of the roads and the railway network, there are plenty of tasks for DAV NORDIC. In addition, there will be a new business area in construction.

An extension to the headquarters in Silkeborg of 530 m2 is being constructed and is expected to be ready for the turn of the year.

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