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DAV NORDIC reduces noise on last part of the Silkeborg highway

DAV NORDIC Ltd has delivered to all four contracts for noise reduction of the Silkeborg highway, and the last section at Funder Kirkeby is now complete.

Since June 2019, DAV NORDIC has been working on the four contracts for noise reduction of the Silkeborg highway:​

  1. Above Gudenåen, 120 tonnes of acrylic sheets from the previous noise barrier have been replaced with 3.200 pieces of noise-absorbing aluminium frames.
  2. At the Resenbro exit, a 200 meter long sound-absorbing screen with pallets is set up.​

The existing 4.7 meter high sheet pile walls have been covered with noise-reducing material. All components on the sheet pile were mainly unique, which is why it made great demands on the management of the project.​

Noise reduction at Funder Kirkeby

In five months, a 1.6 km long noise barrier has now been built at the residential area Funder Kirkeby, as the 4th and last contract. The contract was subcontracted to Barslund Ltd and the screen was chosen by the architectural firm Skaarup Landskab. It consists of i.a. approx. 16.5 km Siberian larch wood, which is mounted as pallets on the outside of the screen and gives a nice and distinctive look.

Project manager at the Danish Road Directorate, Dorthe Hvid says: “We chose to use the same architectural firm, Skaarup Landskab, which has been used on the entire Silkeborg highway to create a common thread. The contract has proceeded almost according to plan and the collaboration with DAV NORDIC has been good. They have given us good guidance.”